Our Projects

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With many projects underway you’ll find one in your own backyard!

Greening Taupo facilitates several projects in and around the Taupo region from larger scale planting sites that have been undertaken across 30 years to smaller sites in local neighbourhoods.


Whakaipo Bay

The Whakaipo Bay Recreation Reserve is a stunning location on the shores of Great Lake Taupo; this former farm is now a very significant recreation area for Taupo and the wider New Zealand community. Community planting has been undertaken at this site annually for over 30 years and Greening Taupo is proud to coordinate the annual planting day every year in September.


Waikato River Corridor

A major gateway into Taupo by road, foot and bike this is a significant link for bird life from Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary to Taupo town and beyond. The river valley has a major track network on both sides of the river and attracts a huge numbers of visitors. With restoration it will link the birds back into town but it will also be a huge benefit to outdoor users. 


Wairakei Drive

With its proximity to the Waikato River Corridor and as a gateway to our town, Wairakei Drive is a key project. The restorative work here is being driven by Shawn ‘The Vegetator’ Vennell and the team from Quality Print. Planting along the Drive is becoming a great collaborative effort with the community and local businesses backing the vision.


Spa Thermal Park

The intention here is to replace pines, blackberry and broom with native forest and this restoration project has become a collaborative effort with Kids Greening Taupo. Through participation students of all ages interact with each other and with local industry professionals to take action.


Taupo Lakeshore

It remains a vision of Greening Taupo to establish vegetation along the lakeshore reserves with groves of kowhai trees, under-planted with flax and other small, drought tolerant species. These would be designed to consider both the safety of walkway users and the views of local residents.


Taupo Gullies

Taupo has many gullies that are steep sided with narrow and flat bottoms. While weeds currently dominate, the plans are to progressively replace with suitable low forest and scrub species to establish bush corridors between the lake, Mt. Tauhara and other bird habitat areas.