Predator Free Taupo


Bringing the Birds Back


  • To have every household in the greater Taupo area trapping rats, mustelids and possums. A coordinated community based trapping program will enhance the environment so our birds can thrive.

  • To facilitate the application and distribution of funds to our community groups to help grow the program.

  • To coordinate larger pest control projects which may involve a mixture of private and public land.


  • Join Predator Free Taupo.

  • Join or lead a project.

  • Record your catches and make your project top of the trapping heap.

  • If you would like to hire a trap check out the Trap Library 

  • Spread the word to get your neighbours to set traps in your backyard and start making your street predator free.


Predator Free Taupo shares information and facilitates contact for people with an interest in pest control in the greater Taupo area. Members range from people with single traps in their backyards, to members of large established projects.