Our Mission


The concept for Greening Taupo arose as a result of the vision of and discussions between Project Tongariro, the Department of Conservation and Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary who believed that a collaborative organisation could take conservation to the next level in the Taupo community.

The goal is to replicate the intensive conservation work occurring within the Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary into the surrounding community.

The Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary built a predator proof fence around the sanctuary, encompassing approximately 180 hectares, to create a unique experience where golfers can experience New Zealand’s wildlife. Inside the sanctuary, with the exception of mice, all mammalian pests were eradicated in 2010. The Sanctuary is undertaking extensive indigenous forest restoration to enhance habitat for native birds, which already have increased in abundance and are spreading out into the surrounding area. The Sanctuary also has plans to reintroduce suitable species and is already being used as a kiwi crèche — growing juvenile kiwi that normally would be killed by introduced predators to a relative safe size before being released back into kiwi sanctuaries. The Sanctuary has plans to re-establish more threatened species that area capable of living within the area, such as the kakariki (NZ parakeet).

The objective of Greening Taupo is to improve the Taupo environment for people and native wildlife.  This involves undertaking restoration planting and pest control to create ecological corridors to allow the number of native birds to flourish.  Particular attention will be focused on access routes in and out of Taupo that will help create a sense of arrival for visitors to Taupo.

Joined by key partners Department of Conservation, Taupo District Council, , Waikato Regional Council, Greening Taupo has moved from concept to reality and together we are calling for the entire Taupo community to get behind the initiative. With collaboration from the community, Greening Taupo can create a sustainable future for our environment for generations to enjoy.

Our Mission

TO IMPROVE the Taupo environment
for people and native wildlife

Greening Taupo is based around collaboration and involvement as well as buy in from the community to ensure we create a sustainable future for our environment for generations to enjoy. 

In its simplest form, the goal of the Greening Taupo is to attempt to replicate the conservation work occurring within the Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary, beyond to the surrounding Taupo area, so that birds that spread out from the sanctuary are not killed by introduced predators and thrive. To achieve this, an increase in native forest habitat and a reduction in predators are fundamental.


In 2014 the strategic goals were set as per below, and we are proud to say we are well on our way to achieving these. Check out our impact.

  • Greening Taupo is a well known, financially sustainable entity within the Taupo community

  • At least 25 businesses, organisations, schools and community groups undertaking restoration projects facilitated by a local coordinator

  • The Taupo community has planted at least 250,000 suitable plants under the Greening Taupo umbrella

  • Pest control to enhance native bird survival has been implemented within at least three key areas of native habitat

  • Lakeshore kowhai forests are being successfully restored

  • Kakariki have been introduced in the Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary and increasing in numbers and spreading out into the wider community