Waikato River (TDC)

There are recently logged areas on the eastern side of the Waikato River where forest restoration could occur, using a wide range of vegetation and tall forest species.

Priorities for pest (and weed) control to enhance native bird abundance include the Waikato River Reserves and the Rangitira Point Scenic Reserves, one of which is Mine Bay Scenic Reserve which is leased from Patuiwi trustees for a scenic reserve. Consultation with the landowners would be a fundamental preliminary step before the any community initiated a pest or weed control project here. Several Taupo Forest and Bird residents have suggested that they would be interested in participating with a community pest control project. These sites are likely to be obvious choices.

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Check out the map for the project area that is nearest to you.  Areas have been identified across Taupō that form ecological corridors that are best suited to allow bird and other native wildlife to flourish.

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