Your Own Backyard : Pest Control

There is general community interest in pest control and more people are recognising the threat these pests pose and are stepping up to support this work. For example the Wairakei Tourist Park businesses are in the process of purchasing predator trap boxes for their businesses. These boxes are relatively inexpensive as they are being made at Tongariro Prison. One problem with effectively controlling pests within the Greening Taupo area is the large number of properties present.  So by encouraging local land owners both residential and commercial to ‘trap their patch' would be a fantastic outcome.

The priority areas to undertake pest control are along the Waikato River, Waipahihi Botanic Gardens and the Northern Taupo Reserves, because these areas are reserves, landowners are supportive and they have good access. We envisage community groups, school groups, landowners and general public undertaking this pest control, especially simple tasks such as checking predator trap boxes.

Predator Free Taupo launched in June 2017 alongside Greening Taupo under the Project Tongariro umbrella. Our website shares information and facilitates contact for people with an interest in pest control in the greater Taupo area. Our members range from people with single traps in their backyards, to members of large established projects such as those operating at Kinloch, Waipahihi, Pukawa, and many more locations around the lake. We will also apply for and distribute funds on behalf of the group.

If you wish to become involved in trapping then check out our projects. If you wish to start a new project then let us know.