Kids Greening Taupo


Learning Through Nature

Kids Greening Taupo is an education and environmental programme that connects schools to an authentic purpose for teaching and learning. The programme is based upon the work of Greening Taupo, a community organisation which aims to increase the native flora and fauna of the town for the benefit of its people, businesses and natural environment. Kids Greening Taupo provides the link between local schools and Greening Taupō, whereby students will be actively involved with projects to increase biodiversity as well as solving environmental problems.

What makes this community collaborative model different and more meaningful than others is the importance placed upon the students as leaders. Essentially, they are put into the ‘driver’s seat’ as active citizens in their own community, rather than waiting for the opportunities that come with adulthood. Through involvement and participation in this programme students of all ages will interact with each other as well as with local industry professionals to take action. Through this collaboration, the young people of Taupo will be empowered to make a difference, bringing greater environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits to the town and all of New Zealand.


Kids Greening Taupo will provide the district’s schools with an on-going, real-life project that provides all students with the opportunity to connect with their local environment and shape the future of our Place, now.