Aratiatia Station

Landcorp owns farmland within the Greening Taupo area including its Aratiatia Station. Landcorp will progressively retire & plant the Tauhara South block of Aratiatia Station over three years between 2013 and 2015, as part of reducing nitrogen leaching into Lake Taupo. Most of the planting will be in forestry species, mainly with Pinus radiata, though areas of land that are not suitable for forest trees, such as beneath the flight path of the Taupo airport, will be planted in manuka for honey production,.

The Tauhara South block borders State Highway 5 and the Eastern Arterial by-pass and as such has high visibility from these roads. On being contacted with regard to the Greening Taupo project Landcorp proposed to plant a wildlife corridor covering approximately 8.5Ha along SH5 from Mountain Road to the Eastern arterial bypass, using manuka. Landcorp are totally supportive of the project & have agreed to plant this strip in the winter of 2015. This manuka corridor will greatly improve the aesthetics of the road side and long term as other species regenerate beneath it will provide for an ecological corridor e.g. from Mt. Tauhara to Taupo.

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You and your familty can get involved in Greening Taupō by participating in one of our Community Planting Days or getting stuck in right in your own backyard.  

who are we?

Greening Taupō has been established to improve the Taupō environment for the people and native wildlife - it's an opportunity to participate in a community conservation initiative.  Find out more or learn about 'the value of trees'


Check out the map for the project area that is nearest to you.  Areas have been identified across Taupō that form ecological corridors that are best suited to allow bird and other native wildlife to flourish.

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Greening Taupō is pleased to have awesome support from the Taupō community.  Other key partners include Taupō District Council, Contact Energy and Wairakei Resort Taupō.  Find out more about our partners or become a partner.